I didn't realise that how we work is so destructive to families until I did it myself.

Now I'm campaigning for work that works for all of us.

This is how I got to here.

It looks neat, but of course it was a bit of mess most of the time.


Childhood around the world. This is me in Mauritius with a shocking nappy.


York Uni for Politics. I did not study hard enough but I made the friends of my life.


Intense but exciting jobs in London, Toronto, Washington DC, travelling. Meet a good man along the way.


Have baby. Career tanks.

Have second baby. Career gets far worse so leave job and start interviewing women who do know how to make it work.

Spend a year thinking, interviewing and looking for fivers down the back of the sofa.

Co-found a company and figure some stuff out. A bit. So had third baby.

Now, have book, have some ideas on how it may work better and what we need to do. Will keep you posted.

The three topics
I'm exploring along the way
  • Crushing that
    pay gap

    We'll never close the pay gap unless we have frank conversations about how the working day really works and its impact on those who want to do stuff other than work.

    Let's stop skating over the surface and get into the weeds.

  • Making the circular economy sexy

    We’re in collective denial about the fact that endlessly buying the same stuff that breaks every two years, when we throw it into a hole in the ground and buy a new one, is a terrible idea.

    For trade, for our economy, for our independence and for the environment. If we want to 'take back control', let's start with something practical.

  • Can working parents stay sane(ish)?

    Yes, probably. But there are no easy answers: find out what helps from lots of people who learnt the hard way.


Christine's message is SO relatable. It speaks to everyone, in both content and style. It's not 'too London' or 'too top exec'—her advice will resonate with every working woman.

Her anecdotes are like things you might overhear in the ladies' loos, snatched snippets of real lives confessed to friends who we know won't judge us for telling it like it really is.

Sarah Clarke, Child Psychotherapist

If you want to talk about what I've learned and its implications ...

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