These are my three popular keynotes

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  • Making working parenting actually work

    Forget the glossy, 'I am so amazing, let me tell you how I got here on my giant salary' stuff.

    This is real and practical. What works, what doesn’t, what will give you a breakdown, what will help you through it without one. With some laughing-from-recognition along the way.

  • Why your best women leave and what to do about it

    Clue: it's not because they’re not tough enough, ambitious enough or would prefer to make ceramics.

    My experience is mostly corporate but I don’t go in for lofty platitudes, I am all in the practical, from what companies can do better to what we as workers can do to help ourselves.

  • The unspoken rules of alpha—and beta partners

    Relationships are hard. Even before you throw in kids and jobs and social demands about who does what and the snoring.

    Interviewing a lot of people, you see some trends. Trends that may help you understand some of what you’re experiencing, ideas that might make it better and a lot of things that might help you feel less alone.

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Above all, I found Christine's manifesto salutary—it brought me up short on several occasions making me think and reappraise my own male, born-in-the-fifties approach.

William Eccleshare CEO, ClearChannel International

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